Milki Train’s path to sustainability 


Our sustainable clothes are committed to you, your baby and the environment, because we believe in a better tomorrow.

We have scrutinized every aspect of our production:

As a committed brand, we have carefully chosen our ateliers in Portugal and in Vietnam for their know-how, their proximity and made sure the working conditions were in line with our values.

Our organic cotton is GOTS certified to guarantee its organic status and Oeko-Tex certified to confirm it is free of any harmful substances.

And that's not all...

Our labels:

EcoEnclose sustainable packaging

Our packaging:

Our hangtags:

"Mon Coeur Fait Boum - Mama" print:

Our responsible production model which does not rely on intermediaries nor distributors allows our margins to be below the industry average and our prices to be accessible.

This enables us to give you the fairest price while at the same time rewarding the expertise of our ateliers and employees.

When we created Milki Train, we had in mind a brand that would leave the minimum footprint on earth for your health and your baby’s health.

Sustainability is a path we are committed to staying on, and as we evolve, we will go even further.


We want you to feel like your amazing self while supporting mindful fashion.