Milki Train organic nursing clothes are on a mission to empower breastfeeding moms to be themselves through stylish and sustainable fashion

Because we never want you to feel uneasy breastfeeding in public

Our organic breastfeeding sweatshirt with hoodie, dress & baby sweater

Our organic breastfeeding t-shirts & baby t-shirt

Milki Train Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

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"I am breastfeeding my third child and I wish I had a Milki Train t-shirt years ago, I feel confident using it outside of my home, helping me feeding my baby and pursuing my day-to-day life! Milki Train t-shirts are modern, stylish, easy to use and fitted to discretion and comfort. Made of organic cotton, its texture is soft and very pleasant. It would be a perfect gift for a first-time mom!"

@cococlaireMama of three

"I love the trendy designs of Milki Train t-shirts, they feel so comfortable and I am particularly fond of the embroideries! The breastfeeding openings are very practical and easy to access, allowing me to breastfeed anywhere very discreetly. Not having to choose between a social life and breastfeeding has been a real bliss! "

@lespeluchesMarceau's Mama

"Paying more attention to sustainability and organic products has been a part of my journey as a mother, that's why I adore Milki Train t-shirts! They are organic, stylish and their discreet openings enable breastfeeding moms to breastfeed in public while preserving their intimacy."

@cayanitaMama of two


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