Our Story

Welcome to Milki Train!

My childhood dream was to create beautiful clothes with a committed dimension.

Motherhood has been on my mind for quite some time. I have heard many mamas tell their stories, moments of intense happiness but also difficult ones, and it inspired me a lot. I wanted to find a way to bring a little more happiness to nursing mothers with trendy and practical clothes.

And that’s how Milki Train was born.

We feel it is important every mom feels free to breastfeed wherever she pleases, and our collection reflects the freedom every mother should be entitled to.

Our mission is to create an empowering, inclusive community to accompany you in your breastfeeding journey with stylish & sustainable nursing clothes.

We created breastfeeding clothes that are uncompromising so that both the mama and the woman in you would love to wear them. 

Our clothes are stylish and smartly designed, keeping their breastfeeding openings discreet while also creating hassle-free access for feeding your baby.

Because we never want you to feel uneasy breastfeeding in public. 

By wearing Milki Train we hope that you will be able to breastfeed in public in total confidence, feeling beautiful and even more so, yourself!